Hey, what’s up, fellow young adults! Worried about legal stuff that seems totally foreign to you? Well, it’s time to get clued in on some of the legal matters that might affect you and your daily life.

Understanding Conditional Deed of Sale in the Philippines

Do you know what is conditional deed of sale in the Philippines? It’s an important legal concept that you might want to be aware of, especially if you’re thinking about buying or selling property. Don’t get caught unaware!

How Long Should a Company Keep Personal Data?

Ever wondered about how long a company should keep personal data? With our lives being increasingly digital, it’s crucial to know what laws and regulations are in place to protect our personal information. Stay informed and keep your data safe.

Rental Car Legal Age

Thinking about renting a car but not sure about the legal age for renting a car? It’s always good to know the rules before you hit the road. Don’t let something as simple as age get in the way of your plans!

Hells Angels Rules

Curious about the rules and regulations that govern the Hells Angels? While you might not be joining a motorcycle club anytime soon, it’s still interesting to learn about the laws that different groups follow.

History of Mining Laws in the Philippines

Want to know the history of mining laws in the Philippines and how they’ve shaped the country? Understanding the past can help us make informed decisions about the future.

Can a Foreigner Invest in an Indian Company?

Interested in investing but not sure if foreigners can invest in Indian companies? The world of finance and business is full of opportunities, so it’s important to know the legal aspects of international investment.

Chinese Exclusion Act/ Gentlemen’s Agreement

Ever heard about the Chinese Exclusion Act and the Gentlemen’s Agreement? Learning about historical laws and their impact can provide valuable insight into current socio-political issues.

International Law Diplomacy

What’s the deal with international law diplomacy? As global citizens, it’s important for us to understand how countries interact and resolve conflicts through legal frameworks.

Legal Methodology PDF

Need some guidance on legal methodology? Understanding the process of legal research and writing can equip you with essential skills for tackling complex issues in the future.